September 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Letting go.

This has been my focus lately. Letting go of my perceptions, my unrealistic expectations, of others’ unrealistic expectations, what I think I should or shouldn’t be doing, of my worry.

It’s so hard. I’ve been holding it all together (holding it in, even) for so long that pulling at one thread just tugs at the whole thing. Some days, I’m not sure where to start. Will this one hold on tighter? What if that one is real and I should hold onto it? Maybe I can still hold onto it all (I can’t, I know that now). But little by little I’ve been cutting strings loose and letting them fly away in the wind. It’s not giving up, but rather, acceptance.

  • One string for my in-laws and their passive-aggressive, do nothing about anything but still be victimized behavior
  • One string for shewhomustnotbenamed, her roller coaster now-we’re-together-now-we’re-not marriage, and her need to cause chaos
  • One string for the s-kids, who didn’t ask for any of this and can’t help that we end up so disconnected between trips
  • One string for my job, and all the uncertainty and stress that comes with it
  • One string for trying so hard to try to change my life
  • One string for my Master’s degree and whether it’s ever going to get finished
  • One string for all the expectations, real or self-made, that I cannot even begin to understand how to live up to

There is something powerful and amazing and freeing about just letting go. It has been such a process, learning how and then actually doing it. Because when I let go…what will be left?

It turns out, it’s just me. I’m just here, being me. All my flaws and all my good parts and all the things I try to be and all the things I’m not. And that is good enough. I didn’t understand that before, that good enough is an acceptable place to be.


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