June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

It's late. I can't sleep. The later it gets, the more I seem to be worrying.

[they say i'm supposed to give my worries up to you]

We don't have a plan right now. We have lots of obligations, lots of things that are going to cost a lot of money, but no plan.

[they say that you always have a plan, that you know what you're doing]

We are saving every penny, but it's not going to be enough, not even close.

[they say that your love is more than enough, more than we could ever need]

How are we going to do this? How is it all going to come together?

[they say that with faith, you will provide]

I need a miracle. I need that window to throw itself wide open, right about now.

[they say you don't close a door without opening one]

Please…let today be the day.

[ask and ye shall receive, right?]


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