Concerning springtime.

March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are buds on the trees.

I hadn’t noticed until today. I’ve been so stuck in my own personal raincloud that I didn’t see. But something made me pick up my head and I noticed:

There are buds on the trees.

Normally, early signs of spring wash over me in relief. Nothing like something concrete to confirm that winter is going to end again, and the sun will resume it’s shining. It’s just this tiny nudge, a reminder to have hope. My heart warmed at the familiar sign today and I felt that familiar feeling of something taking root in my heart other than cold, dark winter.

And then I remembered to switch our calendar, and there was a baby gosling (courtesy of Woodland Park Zoo) staring me in the face. It made me think of my mom calling me Baby Duck, of feeding the ducks and swans at the pond There it was again, that feeling. Ice melting, something growing.

And then there were birds at the bird feeder, happy little finches and the stellar jays, and mallard ducks in the pond, squirrels running around the tree, deer walking by. All right in front of my eyes, there were all these signs today. Have they been here all this time?

It was like a river, like turning on a million lights, like opening a window.


There is hope. There are new things coming. The cold and the darkness will end. There are people here holding us up so we can see the light.

We had a game changing conversation today. We have plans. We have hope.


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