May 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I found this half-started list buried in the pile of drafts from March-April that I started and then walked away from out of lack of interest, energy, or just words. It's interesting…I wrote this on March 1. Now I'm here, 2 months later (and TWENTY-TWO POUNDS DOWN!!), and, although I never completed the list, I feel like I can reflect a little on how well things have been working.


Reasons for starting Weight Watchers

  1. My fat pants were starting to fit tight. 

            – Oh, hallelujah, they are falling off my rear now. Now I just have to decide if I'm ready for new ones or if I should wait a few pounds more.

      2. I felt frumpy in my work clothes.

             – Every day my coworkers are praising me for how cute I look, and, more importantly, I feel inspired to put together cute outfits instead of pairing whatever shirt that's not too tight with the same black trousers every day. Some days I walk out of my apartment feeling damn hot, and that is a BIG change.  

      3. I'd been trying–unsuccessfully–to get on track since the new year. I needed outside intervention.

            – I'm definitely eating better for myself. More days then not I actually get those 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and–at least on workdays–I'm getting out and getting my body moving. I'm still working at adding what feels like meaningful cardiovascular activity, but slowly but surely I'm getting there. I think somehow joining WW solidified the idea for me that it can't all happen overnight but that slowly, with meaningful changes to my lifestyle, it will all start to fall into place. And it is. I regret the days when I eat McDonald's and miss going running when I don't. I never thought I would be this person–literally NEVER–but somehow, I'm turning into her right before my very eyes.


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